SmartrCommerce for Developers

Hello amazing web developers & agencies.

Did you know you can make a ton of passive income by using our SmartrCommerce payment solution for your customers?
And you have to do absolutely nothing different?

Crazy right?

As long as you are familiar with using standard gateways, you can use our custom API and transaction keys - all of which are hooked up to our Real-Time closed-loop, Empire tracking system.

Here is how it works in a few easy steps:

1. Fill out the partner form

Fill out the partner form below - and we will provide you with a dashboard to track your earnings, and activate any pending customers.

2. Add Transaction Keys

After you are finished with your customer's website or app (and hooking up a standard authorize.net plugin), you will simply enter a bit of client information on your customer, and send us the file of their completed site or app.

3. We will contact your customer

We will contact your customer, provide them with a dashboard to track their sales and transactions, and make them a live user in your dashboard and on our servers once they agree to terms.

4. Domain Pointing

All that is left is pointing their domain to their new specified sub-domains on our server - just like a ClickBank or WordPress site. And that's it!

From this point on, you are making a fraction of each and every transaction that goes through their website. They pay nothing extra, you do nothing extra! Simple.

Whether you are a lone developer or an agency of developers, just fill out the Registration Form below, and we will contact you within 24 hours to give you access to your tracking dashboard. Finally, you can be rewarded with passive income for doing something you were doing already!


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