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An online merchant processor and hustle management tool for serious entrepreneurs.

What is SmartrCommerce?

SmartrCommerce is an online merchant processor and hustle management tool for small and medium-sized business owners that run multiple brands, apps, or websites.

SmartrCommerce has multiple tools to help manage your transactions, and your business.

A few cool things about SmartrCommerce....

Compile your transactions.

Easily become a merchant, and keep all transactions from all your web and app projects and stores in one place.

Earn from referrals.

We share our transaction fees on multiple levels of YOUR referral network so you can earn passively, too.

Unlimited invoicing.

Request money now, or schedule invoices to be sent later. Run multiple businesses without ever paying for a monthly subscription.

Your fees adjust as you earn more.

Work to enjoy lower per-transaction fees as you earn more through your invoices or web projects.

We give you the tools you need to GROW as an online brand manager, hustler, and merchant.

Anyone can use SmartrCommerce or any Smartr product to build a serious business. Get started now.

You need a business partner that can do MORE for you than process your transactions.

Become a trusted vendor.

Earn some of the lowest per-transaction fees in the industry. The more stores you have, the faster you get there.

Reporting and Accounting.

Sometimes businesses don't make money, which is why our accounting and business management software is yours to use without a monthly subscription.

Earn actively and passively.

Use SmartrCommerce to grow your brands, refer your friends, and earn from YOUR sales AND their transactions.

SmartrCommerce Dynamic Gateway Pricing

Don’t pay for lower merchant fees when you can earn them!

For each transaction goal you hit, your transaction fees DROP!!

  • Up to $1,000 3.5% + .35 cents.
  • $1,001 to $2,500 3.4% + .35 cents.
  • $2,501 to $5,000 3.3% + .35 cents.
  • $5,001 to $7,500 3.2% + .35 cents.
  • $7,501 to $10,000 3.1% + .35 cents.
  • $10,001+ 3.0% + .35 cents.

*some restrictions may apply, and there could be fees or penalties for abuse of SmartrCommerce. Please read SmartrCommerce FAQ (available in your dashboard) for details.

By the way, Smartr App vendors always pay the

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