Disruptive eCommerce, giving back.

Developers and agencies are building entire revenue streams by switching their customers to SmartrCommerce.

Hello amazing web developers & agencies.

Did you know you can earn passive income by using our SmartrCommerce payment solution for your customers?
And you have to do absolutely nothing different.

Crazy right?

As long as you are familiar with using standard gateways, you can use our custom API and transaction keys - all of which are hooked up to our Real-Time closed-loop, Empire tracking system.

Here is how it works in a few easy steps:

1. Sign up for SmartrCommerce

After you are registered, you have access to your own dashboard to refer clients, or multiple levels of developers working with you.

2. Add Transaction Keys

Once approved, hook up transaction keys to your own projects, or share your referral code/link with your customers, and help them hook their keys up to their projects.

3. Generate Earnings

Once their ecommerce projects go live, they receive customer orders, and you receive a piece of each transaction fee at no extra costs to the customer.

4. Everybody Wins

Transaction fees may be shared on multiple levels. This means agencies can share their referral code with their developers, developers can refer customers, the customers can refer customers, and everyone benefits.

From this point on, you are making a fraction of each and every transaction that goes through each app or website you connect with SmartrCommerce. They pay nothing extra, and you can be rewarded with passive income for doing something you were doing already!

But WAIT, there's MORE!

The truth is, you don't have to be an agency or web developer to partner with Smartr.

Any person, business, entrepreneur, financial institution, blogger, or anyone who wants the opportunity to earn passive income can simply sign up for any Smartr product, and share their own unique referral code with businesses that need Smartr.